This article will focus on the contemporary procedure of hair transplantation with a little touch of its history and how it has become a widely known procedure these days. A number of people these days don’t know how hair transplant works and what are the do’s and don’ts that they must remember in order to maintain and achieve good results over time.

Historic accounts will tell you that hair transplant have been around for quite some time, around mid-1900s when the first attempt to transplant hair from the back of one’s head to replicate loss pubic hair was conducted. During this time, many Asian women suffer from the loss of pubic hair and so people tried to put an end with the problem by means of hair transplant, with that people come up with the idea that hair from one part of the body can be transplanted to another area. The breakthrough of this idea is made clearer when it was discovered that the transfer of hair from the back of one’s head to the front or in parts where baldness is present will look and grow similarly like the original hair in that area. This type of event is called “donor dominance” wherein the tissue taken from the donor zone will retain its characteristic even if it is transfer in the bald area or the recipient site. With this excellent idea, more discoveries were made leading to the modern ways of hair transplant or hair fall treatment.

You might be wondering why is it that the hair at the back of one’s head is not prone to hair loss. Well, there is no specific reason why such thing occurs but that’s just how it is. Just imagine those who are suffering from baldness who have not shave the hair found at the back of their head. Sure enough you will be able to trace some hair growing at those portions. Even if you come across with the baldest man in the world still you will be able to see a horseshoe of hair on their head. Here’s the trick when it comes to hair transplant procedures, determine which areas are safe to perform such procedure, in such a way that when a person gets older the hair will not be lost. This is one of the reasons why hair transplant at the age of 20 is very crucial. Since professionals are not aware of how much hair at the back of their head will not fall as they aged. Visit this website to have an idea about the cost of hair transplant.


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